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Pathetic: The CBI Is Trying To Get Detroit In Their Tournament Just So Antoine Davis Can Break Pistol Pete's NCAA Scoring Record


Alright, so somehow the Antoine Davis chase somehow went under the radar. Maybe he needs to make it more about himself like a certain fella who broke a scoring record this year. But anyways, Davis was chasing Pistol Pete's all-time NCAA scoring record - an impossible record to break. He had a shot last night where he needed 26 points, or for Detroit to upset Youngstown State and get it the next game.

Instead he scored 23 and Detroit sort of blew the game late. So now he's 3 points short with no games planned. That's until the CBI started chiming in here. This is a 'real' (I use this term loosely) postseason tournament. I don't know why we have the CBI, but it's here. Really it just shows that we need to cut all this shit out and stick to the NCAA Tournament and the NIT (strictly because of history). 

I know it's all money driven but, come on, Detroit is 14-19. You can't take this invite just to have him break the scoring record. Don't get me wrong, Davis is fucking awesome. One of the best scorers of all-time. But if he breaks it in the dumbass CBI, people will just downplay it even more. It took Davis 5 years to get to this point. I know the argument, because it's everywhere. Pistol Pete didn't have a 3-point line. He did it in 3 years. He did it shooting 30+ times a game. 

Either way, both can be true. Pistol Pete is the scoring leader and should stay there while Davis is an elite scorer himself. But you can't join the shitty CBI just to break it.