It's Time To Talk About The Biggest Thing That Happened In Chicago This Week. And Rejoice!

I've been getting a ton of messages on social media and even a few emails asking me:

"Hey Dante.

What the fuck man? The best news of the past 4 years in Chicago and we don't hear a peep out of you on the blog? Nice job you hack."

And other niceties and things to that extent.

I went back and forth in my mind on whether or not I should attempt to post something, because as we all know by now, this is no longer #mybarstool. 

I need another email or text yelling at me for submitting something controversial like I need a bullet in my head.

But ultimately I came to the conclusion that, "you know what? The people are right. I'm fucking happy. They're fucking happy. Everybody's ecstatic. And we all deserve a post to celebrate. And commemorate such a momentous occasion. To hell with the Barstool editors. If they try to spike it I'll go straight to the top."

Listen to me loud and clear. Fuck the haters.

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So that's what I'm doing. 

Enjoy the good news Chicago. We're back baby!

Chicago Tribune - In a boost for the fall fortunes of the Loop’s entertainment district, the hit Lin-Manuel Miranda musical “Hamilton” is returning to Chicago this fall.

The return, announced Wednesday by Broadway in Chicago, will come just under four years after the show closed its phenomenally successful Chicago “sit-down” production of 3½ years, its first outside of New York City and a major boon for the city at the time.

Based on Ron Chernow’s biography of the Founding Father Alexander Hamilton, “Hamilton” first opened in Chicago in Sept. 2016 and closed here Jan. 5, 2020, just two months before the COVID-19 pandemic closed down Broadway and touring shows across the world.

How long the show will stay for this reprise engagement, which was expected and begins Sept. 13, has not been announced. But “Hamilton” has announced a booking beginning Jan. 30, 2024 in Atlanta, suggesting the Chicago stand will likely last into the first weeks of 2024.

I thought we'd never see the day…

That's right, the play that changed the game, is coming back to Chicago. FOR AN UNPRECEDENTED THIRD TIME!

Can you believe it?

I know, I can't either. I thought we were doomed.

It's such amazing news I tear up every time I think about it. Our city, soon to be back on top where it belongs. 

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