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Virginia And Notre Dame Better Keep Their Memorial Day Weekend Schedule Open, Because They Are Clearly The Best Two Teams In College Lacrosse Right Now

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We're a month into the 2023 college lacrosse season and if there's one thing we know for certain, it's that any team who has Virginia and Notre Dame on their schedule are in for a full blown shit kicking. 

There's definitely more parity in college lacrosse this year than ever. Plenty of teams that can show up on any given day and beat almost anybody else in the country. But if you're going up against UVA or Notre Dame, just be ready for a silent bus ride home while you try your best to untuck your tail from between your legs. 

Just take Ohio State for example. By all accounts, they are a top 10 in the nation and probably have a top 3 defense in lacrosse right now. Think that matters when you play against Virginia? Think again. They're still going to fill the back of the net with reckless regard because they are Virginia and you are not. 

A 17-6 dick kicking against a team that could end up with 10 wins this season. And as if the offense being completely unstoppable wasn't enough already, just imagine how devastating it must be to realize you'll never be able to do anything offensively against Virginia because former Stanford linebacker Ricky Miezan won't even let you get past the midfield line without ruining your life. 

Virginia is just bigger, badder, and better than anybody else they're going up against this year. Besides one team, at least. 

Notre Dame has 2 things that nobody else in college lacrosse has this year--a pair of Kavanagh brothers. Having just Pat Kavanagh on your roster was already a cheat code, but then you add Chris Kavanagh and it starts to get disrespectful. 

That's just silly. It's unstoppable. It's inevitable. 

So you have two Kavanagh brothers on offense. You have a defense that will eat offenses alive, and you have arguably the best goalie in the country. 

Now the whole "we just beat the shit out of everybody we play" thing starts to make more sense to me from a Notre Dame perspective. Luckily we'll get a chance to see Notre Dame and Virginia play against each other a couple times during the regular season on March 25th and April 30th. But I'd imagine they'll end up playing against each other again on either May 27th or 29th. 

On this week's episode of the podcast we talk about all of that, a brutal weekend for the Ivy League, calling stick checks on faceoff guys, and give our picks and previews for this weekend's slate of games. Give it a listen and get yourself dialed for another great weekend. 


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