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Anyone Who Thinks Morgan Wallen Is More Famous Than Aaron Rodgers Is Brain Dead


You guys know how this works by now- a debate pops up in the Barstool office, people start debating it, others are called over for their opinion, and then all hell breaks loose. Today, it started with Marty Mush telling Spider he thinks Morgan Wallen is more famous than Aaron Rodgers. Actually, correction- Marty thinks "it's close"...but Big T is strongly on the side of Wallen. He went on and on about ticket sales and selling out MetLife Stadium and this, that, and the other. Said us costal elites don't quite understand the size of Morgan Wallen's fame. And to that I say- I agree! Morgan Wallen is a huge country music star. He does sell out MetLife! But guess what? That's where it ends. To think he is more famous, more recognizable, or has more mainstream celebrity than AARON RODGERS?!? That's just insane. That's crazy talk.

Look- these country stars are big time stars and sell out to huge crowds, there's no doubt about it. But it takes a ton to be a cross over, mainstream star. Wallen might get there, absolutely. But right now? Nope. He's not in movies, he isn't in commercials, he doesn't host Jeopardy. He isn't on the cover of People Magazine for who he's dating, he isn't talked about on the news for going on Joe Rogan. He's a very popular country singer...but he ain't Aaron Rodgers.

Plus, we're talking about the NFL! The NFL is a juggernaut. 20-30 million people watch a regular season Packers game every Sunday. And even in the games Rodgers isn't playing in, there's a high chance his name is mentioned. The NFL is so big and has an international scope. Wallen is not the NFL!

And this is not hating on Morgan Wallen. This is hating on ding dongs who think just because Wallen has more IG followers that means he's more famous. And I'll give him that- if you asked any sorority in Alabama who is more famous, they'd probably say Wallen. He has that demo on lock. But everyone else? It's Aaron Rodgers and it ain't even close.


PS: This spurned a bunch of other "who is more famous than who" debates. OJ Simpson or Morgan Wallen. Frank the Tank or OJ Simpson. Glenny Balls or Connor McDavid. I could do this forever.