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Cherry Bomb VS Vicky D Leads Off Our RNR20 Weigh-In At 7 PM Tonight With Large & Frank

Before I step into the ring to be a ref on Friday night, I'll be hosting the Four Loko Weigh-Ins at 7 pm tonight, streaming live on all Barstool Sports platforms. As always I'll be joined by the best title belt holder + security guard + raw dogger, Frank The Tank, and the entire RNR20 card will be coming to face off. We'll be doing it a little unconventional by starting with our main event of Vicky D vs Cherry Bomb, because the (6-0) champ has to get home early to take care of her young bull and 150 other cows. Now that is some real country girl shit. 

Here's Winchester Red & Walker Bleu living the good life on Cherry Bomb's farm

So after the Women's Title fighters face off we'll get into the meat and hopefully no one assaults Frank this time around. I'm expecting Big Dick Booty Daddy to be even more insidious than he was at the RNR17 weigh-ins and with Shizzat Da Rizzat lurking around who knows what's gonna go down. Watch along at 7 pm live on all our platforms and you can check out the blog later tonight for a 6-9 minute condensed version of the stream. 

Starting icing down those Four Lokos you sons of bitches.