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Donnie Got Robbed Not Once, But Twice In The Dominican Republic


We're on to episode II of myself and Donnie's extravaganza in the Dominican Republic. Last week's episode was a great glimpse of baseball culture in the Dominican Republic. 

E.G.: young teenagers were selling us booze in plastic water bottles in the stands from EP1. That's all fun stuff though. Take this dude literally pouring his soul out about what Licey's championship meant to him: 

Watch that speech and don't well up. It's impossible. In fact, I'm not even going to call baseball part of their culture. It's more than that; for many of them, it's their entire livelihoods. Dominicans are infatuated with this sport and I hope it showed in episode I. 

There's a reason their WBC lineup looks like this: 

And it's because the entire country has baseball coursing through their veins. Playing the game is a birth right, and to me, it's truly incredible. They do baseball RIGHT. They do it so well, that I can contract food poisoning, spend a morning in a Dominican hospital, and still look forward to jumping around with like 20,000 of those drunk and crazy bastards after getting hopped up on whatever medication/antibiotics that the doctor prescribed me later that day.

As a baseball junkie myself that wants to #GrowTheGame, I hope all of the above was very apparent in episode I. 

If it wasn't, it should be VERY apparent in episode II. The fireworks, the drumlines, the trash talk, the walk out songs. Everything about those two baseball games was incredible. Most fun I've ever had at a baseball game in my life. Sure, the blackout game was fun, but I had a rooting interest in that game. I was stressed as fuck all 9 innings. This one I was just taking in baseball for taking in baseball's sake. 

Whatever liquids and pills the hospital gave me cleared me up by the next day. Then I got a respiratory infection and my symptoms were eerily similar to the coco, so after my food poisoning cleared up, I dealt with that the rest of the trip. The only two days I was normal were day 1 and like day 4. The rest of the trip I was sick as shit. 


Have a watch and let us know what you think!! I'm trying to boondoggle this into a series where Donnie and I check out the Japanese and/or Korea baseball scene next. 4 more episodes to go, and they're dropping every Wednesday at 8pm EST