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The New "Raspberry Rally" Girl Scout Cookies Completely Sold Out In One Day And Are Now Going For Up To $100 PER BOX On The Secondary Market

(Source)- There’s also a lot to be learned from it from setting up and running a business, goal setting and decision making. Most of all it teaches young minds about the importance of business ethics.

“It definitely goes against everything that we stand for as Girl Scouts,” Product Program Director, Jessica Martin said.

This year, for the first time, Girl Scouts created a new cookie, the “Raspberry Rally” that would only be sold online and with a limited quantity. “It was decided to kind of create a limited supply to test and pilot out this new cookie,” Martin said.

When that limited cookie went on sale this week it sold out in no time. Then, just as fast, the cookies were posted on second-hand selling sites, like eBay, where users are selling a $5 box of cookies for upwards of $100. Cookie boxes and packaging are clearly marked “not for resale.”

Well I hope you guys enjoyed your glimpse of Raspberry Rallies in the picture above because that's the closest you are going to get to seeing one of those beauties in the wild. Well that is unless you were one of the people lucky enough to purchase them their first day on sale or you are willing to shell out a hundo for a couple of sleeves of raspberry cookies from a cookie pirate. Yeah, I just called the people reselling Girl Scout Cookies cookie pirates because you have to have a blacker heart than Davy Jones to load up on the newest Girl Scout Cookie just to sling it on eBay like Scarface moved booger sugar in the 80s or those hoarders assholes tried to resell toilet paper back in 2020. 

If we start selling boxes of Girl Scout Cookies for $100, what's next? Selling individual cookies for $5 a pop? Letting someone smell your breath after your ate a Raspberry Rally for $1? We used to be a proper country, man.

Now part of me wants to ask Jessica Martin what the hell she was thinking exclusively selling brand new cookies online with a limited quantity. But you know what? This is actually a perfect life lesson for these Girl Scouts. When they get a little bit older and try to buy Taylor Swift tickets on Ticketmaster before instantly being told they are all gone, they can think of their Girl Scout days and the lessons they learned about supply and demand from Raspberry Rallies. 

So maybe there is something to be said about letting capitalism play out like it always does to prepare these girls for the way the world works. Besides, I can guarantee you Raspberry Rallies may actually knock one of the Big 3 out of the Top 3 sellers next year since people always want what they can't have (The Big 3 obviously being Samoas, Tag-A-Longs, and Thin Mints).

Also I wouldn't be doing my job as a father or as a fan of snacking if I didn't let people know my daughter is selling Girl Scout Cookies online since not everybody has Girl Scouts in their neighborhood or local grocery store.

P.S. Since I am always giving my opinions on all sorts of snacks around here, people ask for my Girl Scout Power Rankings. Here is my blog, which has a few dated sports references along with some broken pictures but I stand by every word I wrote.