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Ryan Nugent-Hopkins Is A Killer

Lawrence Scott. Getty Images.

Ryan Nugent-Hopkins is the biggest under-the-radar beauty in hockey right now. 

The guy was drafted 1st overall in 2011. He may have been a little scrawny, but his vision allowed him to be one of the most dynamic playmakers in his draft class. He had a few strong seasons to start off his NHL career, but nothing that really blew your dick off ya know? 

Then in comes a couple of guys named Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl. These two guys come into Edmonton and completely take over the show. 5 Art Ross Trophies and 3 Hart Trophies between the two of them over the past 6 seasons. When you think of the Edmonton Oilers, you think of Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl. 

So Nuge gets a little lost in the shuffle from time to time. What does he do about it? Does he sit around and sulk? Does he pout around because he's not THE guy in Edmonton anymore? Or does he change up his role to focus on being a demon on both ends of the ice, and add some more physicality to his game?

RNH is listed at 6', 184lbs. Justin Holl is 6'3", 197lb. And Ryan Nugent-Hopkins just fed him his lunch. Steps up for his linemate and beats the brakes off of a guy who has close to 15 pounds and 3 inches on him. Ryan Nugent-Hopkins isn't a former 1st overall pick dynamic playmaker. He is a killer. 

Speaking of some great fights, we're just over 24 hours away from RNR 20 in West Virginia tomorrow night.