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BREAKING: Dave Portnoy's Long Suspension From Talking Combat Sports Ends At 7:59 PM On Friday

GO PRES GO!!! Just incredible timing on Dave's suspension getting lifted 1 minute before Rough N' Rowdy 20 is set to begin, that's a beautiful coincidence for the fine folks of West Virginia and the millions watching at home. I guess our backup lead commentator Frank The Tank will have to stay on ice for now but he'll still be in the building too….

And before I hop on commentary with Dave & Dan on Friday night, we have Frank & Large hosting the Four Loko Weigh-Ins at 7 PM tonight. The whole card will be facing off with a livestream on all platforms and a condensed video coming out after that. Judging from all the drama we had last time/almost losing The Tank for good + having Booty Daddy back, I'd say guaranteed fireworks are on the way.

And if you're pissed about Big Dick Booty Scumbag coming back just keep in mind that he's getting paid $0 unless he lands a KO, and Irish Dave Portnoy has guaranteed he's gonna pulverize BDBD "to get justice for RNR". I think we can all unite behind that cause. Plus we have Vicky D vs Cherry Bomb for the Women's Title, Make It Happen vs Lights Out for the Light Heavyweight Title, Appalachian Assassin vs American Redneck for the Super Heavyweight Title, and plenty of (0-0) rednecks ready to BRAWL. 

Watch 20 brawls + 3 title fights + ring girl contest hosted by Large & Jerry Fragrance on 8 pm ET on Friday.