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I'm Sick And Tired Of Kentucky Basketball Apologizing After Pathetic Losses To Teams Like Vanderbilt

Great. Another same old story here from Jacob Toppin. I'm not talking about him taking a shot he has no right taking and killing momentum, I'm talking about the apology. This is the 'new normal' this year. I fucking hate it. You get one apology a year and it sure as shit better not come in the 30th game of the season. Not when a win over Vanderbilt secures a double-bye in the SEC Tournament and basically locks you into a 6 seed in the NCAA Tournament. 

Instead it was no energy off the top. This is a team that needs that because, again, they aren't that talented. Cason Wallace is the only true talented basketball player - hence why he's the only draft prospect right now on this team. The other two high recruits? Chris Livingston is good, but still raw. Damion Collins is stuck playing behind Oscar. So this team needs to rely on not giving up easy ass buckets when they are missing wide open shots. 

I don't get why people are praising Toppin here for this quote. Because he owned up to a clear mistake that every single person saw in the first half? Cool. Congrats on being a main reason for a horrendous loss! That'll clear it all up with the committee! Maybe try not getting toasted with the game on the line defensively? That's a step. Not apologizing. 

I don't even know what to say about these guys anymore. Cal *actually* had a decent coaching game last night. He had to adjust on the fly with Cason Wallace getting injured and did so. He had Kentucky with wide open looks. But Antonio Reeves sucked. Jacob Toppin was awful. Oscar got back to rebounding his ass off but still was selfish with some jumpers and still can't defend. That can't happen against Vandy. I don't care if they are better this year. You have a chance to seal shit at home, you're rolling and have a chance to keep it going. Lay an egg. Fuck that. 

You can't keep copying the Harrison's quote after losing to South Carolina in 2013-14 and then making a run. How about just making simple plays to start?