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PASTA LA VISTA FOR 8 MORE YEARS! David Pastrnak Gets A $90 Million Dollar Bag

THERE IT ISSSSSS FOLKS!!!!! The moment we've been waiting for all year, David Pastrnak has put pen to paper and signed his 8 year contract extension worth $90 million with an AAV of $11.25 million. 

An absolute BAG!!! So well deserved and then some. Maybe the most electric offensive player the Bruins I've ever seen. Couldn't be more fired up to have him sign long term knowing Bergeron and Krejci's time in Boston is nearing an end (hopefully not soon!). May be a bargain of an AAV by the end of it.

Pasta's 42 goals this year trails only Connor McDavid. Will he hit 50!? I think so.

Full no move clause for the first 5 years and a modified trade clause per Darren Dreger


It's barely 10:30 in the morning and between this and the Bertuzzi trade I am BUZZIN'. Go B's.