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A Complete And Thorough Scouting Breakdown Of Model Kayla Simmons' Beach Football Film

Everywhere I look I can't avoid it. Combine story this. Combine story that. Hey, NFL, give me one month please. I'm begging you. This is a month for college basketball. It's March. We gotta push the combine back just a little bit. I can't have the NFL dominating yet again. It's disheartening, plus I need a break from all the stories of hand size, 40 time, height, whatever. 

That was until I came across some important game film today. Former Marshall volleyball player/current model Kayla Simmons playing some beach volleyball. Or, in her words, a girl who can do both. Gotta get to the tape on that one.

First it starts with the QB action: 

Not terrible form. But a little too much Tim Tebow for my liking. Gotta have a quicker release. Also really taking the Dan Campbell approach to combine film

Good arm strength, but she's inaccurate. Can't have that from a high-level quarterback. Trust me, I've watched it too many times. She has a cannon but the 2nd throw, isn't even close. Gotta lead your receiver or hit them in the numbers. Throwing it high like that? Pick 6. 

Then it happens. I realize she truly can do both. 

Toast! Put that (possibly) old man on skates. Shook off the hands and caught a wide open pass. Celebrating early? Perhaps. But she can do both. She's a receiver. That's her main position. 

That said, I had combine on my mind and some beach football. Don't get me wrong backyard football is better, because, the whole no sand thing. But beach football is a must-play every single year. Very few better feelings as a kid growing up than making diving catches into a body of water. 

Oh well. Sorry to reel you in for some football talk. Here are your pics animals.