Tyler Bertuzzi Is Headed To Boston And Don Sweeney And The Bruins Are ALL IN

DEALIN' DON AT IT AGAIN! The Boston Bruins have acquired winger Tyler Bertuzzi from the Detroit Red Wings in exchange for a 2024 conditional 1st round pick (top 10 protected) and a 2025 4th round pick. Detroit will be retaining 50% of Bertuzzi's salary. What a deal. As someone who has NEVER said a bad word about Don Sweeney, he is completely fucking dominating this deadline, going all in. Last (potential) year of Krejci and Bergeron, he's doing everything he can to load up before the playoffs with a team that continues to make (albeit regular season) history. Love it. Most likely see Bertuzzi slot in as 3RW playing with Charlie Coyle, but with Taylor Hall's injury it's TBD who is on the left side.

Taylor Hall has been sidelined with a lower body injury and is getting a second opinion - believe he is going on LTIR so the Bruins can fit Bertuzzi in. No word on the severity of Nick Foligno's injury.

Marchand, Bertuzzi, Frederic, Hathaway... the B's have some god damn SNARL on this team. No 1st round pick the next two years but who gives a fuck, bigger aspirations this summer. The B's are officially all in.

It's a great night to win a hockey game.

ps. wouldn't be shocked to see more moves made, maybe one of Jakub Zboril or Mike Reilly gets moved before the deadline tomorrow. 

p.p.s Pastrnak extension is coming.