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I Humbly Ask Every Knicks Fan To Cherish Just How Fun And Good This Knicks Team Is Right Now

I just wanted to drop in and pass a message to my fellow Knicks fans as they watch their team continue to climb the Eastern Conference standings escalator style after a 7th straight win.

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I know referencing a movie from 1995 seems dated. But I look upon that time period fondly since that was the last time period when the Knicks were NBA title contenders year in and year out. 

I'm not saying this team should be listed in the Top 5 of teams to take home the Larry O'Brien trophy on the Barstool Sportsbook. I would have gladly accepted a team that was fun or good this year after last season was not even close to being either (outside of that last week or so when IQ and Obi were putting up numbers). 

But to have a team that is fun AND good feels like stealing. it's as if the Basketball Gods forgot to write down "Torture Knicks Fans" when putting together their To Do List for 2023. That's partially thanks to Jalen Brunson somehow being underpaid despite all the bozos that were talking shit about the contract he was going to sign with the Knicks while HE WAS STILL ON THE MAVERICKS, Julius Randle doing a complete 180 from last season (which was after he did a 180 the season before), and Thibs changing up his rotation.

Oh yeah, and I can't forget the guy who arrived right as this winning streak began.

I don't know if it's his playing style, the fact Jalen Brunson LOVES him, or that he wears John Starks' old number. But I would die and kill for Josh Hart despite him being on the Knicks for less than a month because he embodies the exact kind of player Knicks fans, The Garden, and Thibs loves.

Yeah, I'm throwing a picture of my guy back up after he took heat for giving up a first rounder that could be in the 20s for Hart (especially since that Mavs pick may be coming back and could be in the low teens) along with the heat he took for the Brunson deal before they tampered with signed him.

The Knicks had played some good basketball before Hart arrived, but have clearly hit another level since he joined the team, with this play being the perfect snapshot of what the Knicks are capable of now.

Phil Jackson is probably somewhere in the heartland of America cumming himself (JK, Phil barely cared about watching the Knicks when he was ruining the franchise from inside the building).

Not only are the Knicks crushing it on the court but things are apparently awesome off the court too, which always seems to go hand-in-hand with sports.

The juju is so good around the Knicks, we are officially on the Thibs Giving Daps level of the Vibes Scale.

Along with a new Thibs meme hitting Twitter.

I don't think I'll ever make it inside of Tao unless Portnoy takes Team Ziti for a meal there if we ever win a Dozen Championship. So I guess this video will be the best thing I'll ever experience from Tao.

Which takes me back to my original point. I don't know how longer this is going to last, or what's going to happen in the playoffs let alone the next game. Knicks fans know more than any other fanbase just how quickly shit can go haywire in a season. But the Knicks are good, the Knicks are fun, and the Knicks are going to be even better as Madison Square Garden finds its playoff voice over the next month. 

Considering where this team was at this time last year along with almost every other season of this century, I once again ask every Knicks fan to do this, no matter how long this hot streak goes on for…