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Welcome To The Big Show: Jose Mourinho Is Being Accused Of Booing Rival Players At A Roma U-14 Match

[Source] - Lazio have accused Mourinho of unsportsmanlike conduct during a U14 Rome derby last week.

According to Il Messaggero, the Portuguese was in the stands for the game and proceeded to boo Lazio player Alexandru Miloiu.

He is also accused of telling young Roma players to waste time and feign injury.

Football Italia reports that claims from Lazio website VoceLazio say Mourinho and senior Roma stars who were in attendance, displayed behaviours which ‘went against respect and sportsmanship, insulting opponents and telling their players to waste time.’

Oh boo fucking hoo. Get out of my face here Lazio. Sorry your players can't handle a little booing from the big guy at Roma? I mean, this is Italian soccer. This is nothing compared to what they typically deal with here. Shit, we had Atalanta's manager tossing his sandwich at fans: 

Since when is it unacceptable to waste time in soccer? Shit, that's encouraged more than anything else. It's legit part of the game. But that's whatever. I can't stop laughing at the whole booing thing. Only Jose man. He's the one guy who would show up to a U-14 match just to boo a rival. Nobody is better at mental warfare than him.

Oh, not to mention he just got sent off from Roma's last match: 

If Lazio is going to get all pissy, these guys have no shot at being pros. Sure, sure, they are likely awesome if they are playing at this level. Whatever. Have some thick skin for me one time. Stop complaining about booing. Nothing beats a good booing and Jose understood that.