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Frank The Tank Needs To Take His Dozen L Like A Real Man!

Frank & The Frankettes lost to our Team FLUX in The Dozen and Frank blew a gasket. He made the outrageous claim that Jeff D Lowe gives them harder questions??? Absurd take.....

Jeff D Lowe made an official statement regarding the allegations.

Both Chris Castellani and I called Frank out on these BS allegations too. Clearly Frank did not respect that Team FLUX just beat his ass and are a force to be reckoned with!

I let Frank have it here. I absolutely love The Tank as a person. Frank is a star at Barstool… there is no denying it. But the never ending negativity and complaining wears on me.  I am such a huge believer in positive energy so Frank and my personalities do not naturally jive well.

And let's be honest…..I take A LOT of public Ls. I get rained on more than most for sure. And I ALWAYS stand in and take it straight to the face every time. You do not see all this blame everyone else and make excuses crap out of me ever. 

Frank takes one L and it is everyone else's fault but his. We all take Ls my man. It is how you respond that defines you. And videos like this are not helping your cause.