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LA Tech Baseball Fans Are Losing Their Minds After Ole Miss Exploited A Rule To Claim A Win While TRAILING 5-4

I gotta say this is a pretty damn bizarre situation. Let's just lay it out.

Ole Miss was leading LA Tech 4-3 going to the 7th inning. Then LA Tech scored 2 runs to take the lead. The weather delay then hit and the game was unable to be resumed.

Because of NCAA rules, the 7th inning never happened and the game is called 4-3 to Ole Miss after 6 innings. 

LA Tech fans were predictably furious about this on Twitter and honestly I do not blame them. They are a strong G5 program who rarely gets to play big SEC teams. This is a huge game for them and could make a difference on NCAA Selection Monday. 

Ole Miss did not put the tarp over the field which drew more ire. I think that is overblown some as the tarp does not affect lightning delays or tornado warnings.

I honesty can't imagine what the LA Tech players thought when they were told they lost a game they were winning???? And on the national champions home field to boot….

I also do not blame Ole Miss Coach Mike Bianco here. He did not make this stupid NCAA rule. It is his job to win baseball games. The NCAA on the other hand looks pretty damn bad here. How could this be allowed to happen?

I do wish this game would get finished sometime too. But Ole Miss is flying to Minnesota tomorrow and the logistics of finishing this game midweek during the season are not easy.

It is a crappy unfortunate situation ESP for LA Tech. I truly hope this does not affect them down the line as they do not deserve this result. And I am obviously a massive Ole Miss fan saying that. I probably will get some flack but I know how important that series was to LA Tech. (I covered their program from 2016-19 while doing sports radio in North Louisiana)

Ole Miss will just hop into SEC next weekend and this will barely be a blimp on the radar for the Rebels. Life ain't always fair in the G5.