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'JOKE! They Are Getting SMASHED!' - Bruce Pearl, Delivering One Of The Best Post Game Interviews While Losing His Shit On The Refs

First things first. This video is a million times funnier because of the camera being directly on that guy's crotch the entire time. Great filming everyone. Just a dude in khakis. Second, Bruce Pearl going from screaming SMASHED and JOKE to casually talking about everything else is why he's a great lunatic. It's peak college coach. Just losing their goddamn mind, acting like everything is normal for a second before going off the deep end again.

Oh and don't get me wrong. Pearl has plenty to bitch about. Sure, they shouldn't have blown the lead. That's basically the easiest and smart thing to say. But the officiating sucked donkey dick. I still don't know how this was called a foul on Broome

I actually want more coaches to act like this. I know people (cough, Seth Davis) like to act like Fran is such a bad guy for getting technicals. Fuck that, refs are awful. Now, sure, you don't need to go off the deep end as much as Fran does, but I'm all for coaches calling them out after the game. Shit, the ACC commissioner had to send a letter begging coaches to not do it. Everyone knows officiating is as bad as its been in a long, long time. If we're not going to hold refs responsible (besides a non-public grade), at least let coaches go off. 

Just an amazing interview.