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Icon: Mike Brey Beats Pitt In His Last Home Game, Immediately Shows Up To Notre Dame's Famous Bar To Rip Shots

Hell yes. Have a night, Mike Brey. I mean he called it: 

But I know who Mike Brey is at heart. A DMV guy. A guy who blasts some bare chest at the Maui Invitational. A man who says there ain't no curfew, there won't be any curfew. So he slapped on his nicest Notre Dame basketball t-shirt and made his way to Linebackers. Right then and there the night got started. 


Look at that man. Holding a drink, ripping a shot. He's in for it. He's shutting that place down. The little shimmy after ripping the shot? Well that's two things. That's an crafty vet of the game throwing back one last time. That's a guy who has one last run in him knowing he can throw back shots but he'll pay for it tomorrow. But it's also a guy who is warming up for the night. It won't be the last shot he takes. Not even close. 

He got his win at home in his final game.

Not much else to do besides close that place down and stuff your face with some late night food. Have a damn night, Mike Brey.