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Cop vs Country Boy Beatdown This Friday Night At Rough N' Rowdy 20... WHO YA GOT?

Before you watch this matchup video of THE BLACK ITALIAN (cop) vs (country boy) CRASH... can you guess who said which line? Well played gentlemen, well played...

"There's only 2 things I like doing in this world, that's fucking and fighting, and you ain't my type for fuckin'..."

"You picked a bad time to have a midlife crisis my man, you rolled the dice, it landed on fucked..."

"Practice spitting teeth before you get em all removed on Friday night..."

"You better wear a diaper under those boxing shorts, cause I'm planning on hitting you so hard, you shit yoself."

Only at Rough N' Rowdy can you find characters like this right off the street and straight into the boxing ring. For RNR20 we have a cop, a firefighter, a candidate for West Virginia Governor, hockey players, death row correctional officers, strippers, scumbags, construction guys, country girls, and everything else in between coming to brawl.


But this matchup above is definitely pretty high on the must watch list for Friday night…

First up we have CRASH who hails from a 2,000 person town in Ohio and applied to RNR willing to take on anyone who stepped up, also sending in this nugget:

"I have been a brawler in my younger days and I am in a wedding for my best friend in high school and I want to make this the bachelor party!!!!"

Helluva bachelor party idea for sure, but hopefully they're carrying him out of the arena upright on their shoulders and not slumped. Cause folks THE BLACK ITALIAN may be (0-0) but he is clearly no joke, and has been hankering for a fight with us dating back to RNR16…


Both of these guys can talk some serious shit and neither of them look scared to fight against a stranger so salute to you, Gladiators. CRASH does have the height + weight advantage but he may need every inch possible in there. Or who knows, maybe a police officer is going down in 3 rounds or less at RNR20. Only way to find out is on Friday night at 8 pm ET. 

(and live Ring Girl Contest hosted by Jerry Fragrance + Large coming after the main events)