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Alternatives to Overdosing On Monster For Matthew Mayer

This is the biggest Kyle move of all time. How the hell do you overdose on Caffeine? From my calculations, if he was drinking 5, 16 fl.oz monsters, he drank 800mg of caffeine, that's the equivalent of 8 coffees and that is way less then Mark Shlereth drinks in a day. 

According to the internet there are only 4 types of White dudes and we know squarely where Matthew Mayer falls into it. 



I mean you can't tell me this doesn't sum up overdosing on Monster. 

Now, here are the best Nootropics I like that are a way better alternative to energy drinks or prescription meth, which have terrible crashes and side effects. 

I'm not a doctor, but these supplements can get you in the flow state and zone to help with writing, problem-solving and even working out. 

Lion's Mane 1000mg - Fungus is really goddamn powerful 

-Basically micro-dosing psilocybin CBD


Theanine + Caffeine - This is basically legal Adderall

Taurine+ Caffeine - Similar to Theanine but different can combine both

A shit ton of Green Tea

These are all way better alternatives to drinking 5 Monster energies and not being able to play basketball. Hell if you take all of them at the same time it's like the limitless pill. You should try it but don’t blame me if anything bad happens I'm not a doctor this is comedy.