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One Of Us: Illinois Basketball Player Is Battling 'Caffeine Poisoning' After Drinking Too Many Energy Drinks While Playing Video Games

This is just a tale as old as time. Back in my day it wasn't Monster energy drinks, but rather a couple of cokes. But everyone who has ever stayed up too late playing video games knows this feeling. You're doing anything possible to fight the sleep. Just need to get through the games and keep on battling. It also wasn't called caffeine poisoning and instead was 'feel like shit.' 

That said, Matthew, you're an NCAA champ (with Baylor), you had a sweet-ass mullet. You gotta lie. I admire the truth. I admire the fact you're just like yeah, I had a couple too many energy drinks, what about it? But it's March. Just say you got hit with food poisoning. Blame another Big 10 team for giving you shitty food. Can't admit you pulled a Kyler Murray. 

Unbelievable though. I never thought I'd see something like this. Also can't say I remember one of these sort of injuries/illnesses. Love the note that it was after the OSU game. Made sure to let everyone know he was still a team player and waited until after the game to send his body in shock.