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The NFLPA Surveyed 1300 Players And Asked Them To Grade Their Team And The Commanders Results Are So Laughably Terrible With Multiple F- Grades



I mean, was anything more obvious than this? I wish I would have known the categories before they were released so I could have blogged my predictions, because even my predictions wouldn't have been this bad. I mean seriously, I've said it 1,000,000 times and I will say it again- what a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad person Dan Snyder is. Just an absolute evil human, deep down to his core. He treats everyone so disrespectfully- It doesn't matter if you're a secretary, a member of the front office, or a player on the team, he treats you like shit. Have one F- grade is cause for concern. But having two? Are you kidding? And then ANOTHER F grade?! is that real???



I couldn't even fathom how Travel could be an F-. Like, that must be an exaggeration, right? Nope…


  • One of six teams that make their young players have roommates

  • One of seven teams that don’t offer any of their players first-class seats


Nice, Dan! Nice! 

And the locker room?


Players also reported that they have some of the smallest hot and cold tubs for players’ recovery, and only 35% of players feel like they have enough personal space in their locker room. Finally, there are complaints of a lack of warm water and issues with poor drainage in the showers.


What a week for Dan Snyder. It's incredible with each passing day how much worse of a person he is comes to light. And this is full well knowing for the last 20 years how terrible he is, but it still somehow gets worse! It's remarkable, truly, truly remarkable. 


PS: A+ Training Staff though! Woo woo!! We always focus on the negatives but that training staff is doing wonders making them work out in this equipment


Hirz. Getty Images.