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Freddie Prinze Jr. Says Dave Filoni Directed THAT Scene From 'Rogue One'

ICYMI we had Freddy Prinze Jr. on the last episode of LCB and we got into the weeds. We talked WWE, Scooby-doo, Warner Brothers, AND a decent chunk of Star Wars. Prinze Jr. voiced the jedi Kanan Jarrus in 'Star Wars: Rebels' which was created by Dave Filoni, who you probably know better as the co-creator of 'The Mandalorian'.  

One of the stories he told us is that Filloni apparently directed the hallway fight above, which was the best scene in 'Rogue One' in my opinion. Honestly, it makes sense. Nobody in the world understands what Star Wars is better than him. Not even George Lucas! If I could have it my way, Filloni would essentially be the dictator of Star Wars. Nothing involving the franchise, whether it be a movie, series, video game, funko pop etc, would be put out without him signing off first. 

You can watch the full episode and interview below.