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RNR20 Title Fight Breakdown: Will We See Any New Champions This Friday Night?

We've got 3 title belt brawls coming this Friday night and folks, ALL 6 FIGHTERS ARE UNDEFEATED AT RNR. Between the technique, physicality, & prestige it's definitely our best main event slate ever, especially considering how much of a coin flip it's gonna be in every single matchup. 

Of course our returning champions CHERRY BOMB, LIGHTS OUT LAING, AMERICAN REDNECK have an edge from their experience but what about the hunger? Does that fire still burn to churn out 3 straight minutes of haymakers directly to the face? There's no doubt the champs could go (3-0) at RNR20 but there's never been a bigger opportunity for multiple upsets too. So let's dive a little deeper to get you ready for Friday night at 8 pm ET...

Our final main event of the night will be VICKY D vs CHERRY BOMB for the Women's Title and this is GUARANTEED to be an explosive fight. No champion has thrown more punches than the champ Cherry Bomb and if you want to argue that, just watch her previous fights below. She is the walking embodiment of ALL GAS, NO BRAKES, and a true blue country girl that spends her days fixing tractors + shooting guns into lakes when she's not hitting the heavy bag. 

Vicky D certainly has the potential for an upset, dabbling in higher level boxing after her RNR10 win and showing at RNR19 she still knows how to brawl too. The main question in this matchup is gonna be, who wins in a phone booth fight? A boxer or a brawler? Cherry Bomb says she can out-brawl a boxer and out-box a brawler so she doesn't seem worried about the style, but can Vicky D do both too? I'd expect high high energy from these badass chicks on Friday and a decision that's gonna come down to the final round. 

PREDICTION: Cherry Bomb via decision 

Our 1st ever Light Heavyweight Title will be decided between the Heavyweight champ LIGHTS OUT LAING taking on the Middleweight Champ MAKE IT HAPPEN. Both fighters are clocking in at 180 lbs, which possibly was more difficult for Make It Happen since he was coming up from the 160 lb class. But you won't hear any excuses from these guys and the respect is certainly high between them. But that won't matter on March 3rd when they face off and potentially carve out new legacies for themselves. If Make It Happen can go (3-0) while defeating the Lightweight champ BACKFLIP NINJA + Heavyweight champ back to back, that's gonna immediately send him to an elite level not many have reached in RNR. 

But there's no doubt it's a tall task ahead of him. There's a reason Lights Out is (9-0) and still coming back for more. He's willing to fight anyone, at anytime, at any weight class. Whether he's moving up to take down 260 lb JEANS TURMAN or 175 lbs to fight professional athletes like PACMAN JONES, the result is always the same. Bobby Laing has been brawling since he was in diapers, dominated street fighting on every level in New England, and shown he's worthy of being RNR's greatest champion ever. Even with that though, this seems like another matchup that gets decided in the 3rd round and may just be a shocking upset from the convict.

PREDICTION: Make It Happen via decision

AMERICAN REDNECK is a nearly perfect representation of what a Super Heavyweight champion is all about. He's big, he's hairy, he's American as fuck, and he doesn't give a shit who he gets put against. A guy with quiet confidence + giant mitts like that don't come around often and his disposal of TRAPZILLA at RNR19 showed just how powerful he can be. And with that blue collar blood coursing through his veins there's simply not many things that affect him, haymakers included. His overall record of (9-2) outside of RNR backs that up in spades. 

But he's never faced a fighter like THE APPALACHIAN ASSASSIN aka the definition of a brick shithouse. He was supposed to fight JEANS TURMAN a few shows back before ol Jeans got "food poisoning" the night before and has been itching to come back ever since. And although it's his first time brawling in the Barstool era of RNR, his record in the old toughman style tournaments prove he is NOT to be trifled with. He said he's (15-2) with 13 KO's, which is just downright terrifying. Now that was at a lower weight class so maybe he can't adjust to the pure power + mass of this matchup. But also… maybe he fucking can. 

PREDICTION: Appalachian Assassin via KO in Round 2 

That's a deeper look into the grand finale but at the end of the day let's be real, EVERY brawl at RNR20 is a main event. Order on for 20 fights, 3 title belt brawls, ring girl contest hosted by Jerry Fragrance + Large, whole commentary team of Dave Portnoy, Big Cat, Robbie Fox, Caleb & Rone, AND MORE.