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How Did The Rock Know About Osama Bin Laden's Death Before Anybody?

ICYMI we had Freddy Prinze Jr. on the last episode of LCB and we got into the weeds. We were only supposed to have him for a half hour but ended up going an hour 15 on a bunch of different behind-the-scenes Hollywood stories. He also helped me with my investigation into HOW Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson knew about the death of bin Laden before anybody outside of the military.  

In case you don't follow wrestling or anything, Prinze Jr. is a big WWE head and hosts a show called WWE Legends. On May 1st, 2011, the Rock tweeted out in joy over an HOUR before Obama announced bin Laden's death. 

How?! How did he know?! Well, Prinze Jr. went on to tell us how Vince McMahon's lawyer apparantly had some high-level connections with that administration. But I can't imagine that McMahon's first reaction would be to call up the Rock to let him know. I need to do more research but that fact remains maybe my favorite piece of American history. 

You can watch the full ep + interview below.