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UMiami Senior & DJ Xandra Pohl Skipped Class to Come on Our Podcast

Watch the full interview here:

If you haven't heard of Xandra Pohl yet, here you go: She's a University of Miami student, DJ and TikTok star who is close friends with Alix Earle.

Xandra joined us in studio yesterday (a Tuesday at 1 o'clock) to discuss her insanely busy life. "I don't really go to class," she admitted. 

But Xandra is no dummy. UMiami has a 28.5% acceptance rate as of 2021. She said she got all of her hard classes out of the way online during covid and now is taking easier classes like Dance and Geology for her final semester of college.

Those skippable classes really come in handy when makeup companies are sending you to Dubai for a long weekend or you need to take a work trip to NYC mid-week.

For the full breakdown listen to today's Chicks in the Office: