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This Robot Dog Dancing On Stage With A Stripper Is Proof That The Man Vs. Machines War Is Already Over

That's it, I'm calling the fight! The Machines have officially won. Humanity is COOKED.

To be honest, we have been trending this direction ever since Boston Dynamics brought these mechanical demons into our life like a decade ago and we kept nervously laughing every time they posted a video of them leveling up those robotic bastards. But seeing a robot dog hopping on stage with a stripper and going places that only lovers or gynecologists go without being pummeled by a gang of bouncers tells me that mankind has already rolled over and waved the white flag in the upcoming war against the machines. 

The algorithms already own our minds, AI has started taking our jobs, and soon enough the only thing we will be needed for is our brains to power the machines as we continue to march into a real life version of The Matrix that we created despite very clear warnings from The Matrix, The Terminator, and roughly 8 billion other movies.

All that being said, that robot dog had some serious swagger as well as moves, which is why I for one welcome our new machine overlords.