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$EBR Eastern Conference Power Rankings And Tonight’s NHL Winner

Jeff Vinnick. Getty Images.

It’s March and we are heading down the homestretch of the NHL season, so it’s time to check out the $EBR power rankings. This time of year we are done wasting time on the bottom feeders and will only look at the top 10.

  1. Boston Bruins - This team has done it all this year even the goalie scored a goal!! There is only one thing left to do!

  1. New York Rangers - I’ve been bullish on the Rags all year, everyone forgets they were 2 wins away from the Cup Final last year. Adding Kane and Tarasenko makes me love them even more. I absolutely love the NYR are +650 on the Barstool Sportsbook right now to win the Eastern Conference.

  1. Carolina Hurricanes - The Chiclets Crew had boots on the ground for 2 games in Carolina and this team impressed me. They play so hard and just keep coming, but can they have had trouble with the Rangers the last 2 seasons and will see them somewhere in the first two rounds.

  1. Tampa Bay Lightning - When they are focused and need to win this team is so tough to beat. They are so dangerous that the Leafs have done a full roster overhaul heading into the playoffs.

  1. Toronto Maple Leafs - Biz’s team looks awesome offensively and the goaltending woes look to be solved, but I still don't think the back end is strong enough to take out Tampa.

  1. New Jersey Devils - Devils made the big trade for Timo Meier that their crazy fans like Pasha were screaming for all year to get them over the top, but I think this team is too young and too soft to make a long playoff run. The Devils have lost 4 out of 5 down the stretch here.

  1. New York Islanders - I don’t see how this team doesn’t make the playoffs with the goaltending and defensive play there have. Horvat was a significant move that will get them into the dance.

  1. Pittsburgh Penguins - The recent 4-game-losing streak had Penguins fans in a panic and wondering if the 17-year playoff streak was going to come to an end. A huge win on the road in Colorado gives the fans hope.

  1. Florida Panthers - The Cats are back in the mix and it’s all because of the incredible season Matthew Tkachuk is having. It’s Florida or Pittsburgh in the first round for the Bruins.

  1. Buffalo Sabres - This team making the playoffs would have been electric, the city of Buffalo would be a must-visit during those first-round games, but they lost too many easy games down the stretch.

Murls’ Best Bet: New York Islander 3-way -118 Barstool Sportsbook

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