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CJ Gardener-Johnson Threw Jonathan Gannon Under A Plethora Of Busses With This Deleted Tweet

Ezra Shaw. Getty Images.

Original video CJ was responding to:

Okay so the first question we need to ask ourselves here would be "is CJ Gardner-Johnson right?". The answer to that question is yes, of course. It should have taken one or two possessions to know that the field was absolute dog shit, and that the pass rush was going to be non-existent all night. The moment Haason Reddick slipped for the first time, Jonathan Gannon should have adjusted the game plan. But he didn't. He didn't adjust shit all night, and Patrick Mahomes picked them apart time after time because of it. So no, Jonathan Gannon didn't put guys in positions to make plays under the circumstances of that shit field. 

The second question we need to ask ourselves here would be "is this right for CJ Gardner-Johnson?". And honestly, that's the more important question here. Was this right of him to do? Should he have waken up at 8 in the morning to fire off this tweet? Clearly by the fact that he deleted the tweet so quickly, the answer to that is a resounding no. 

It's wild to me that these guys still don't comprehend the idea that everything you put out on the internet is there forever. You can delete a tweet 15 seconds after you press "send", but there's already going to be a screenshot of it somewhere. You can talk shit about Jonathan Gannon all you want to your buddies or at practice or whatever. Nobody else is ever going to hear it and it'll never turn into something bigger. But the moment you type it out and hit send, it's there forever. Now it's a thing. Just put the fucking phone down. 

I have to imagine that Jalen Hurts just had to barge into CJ's room like an angry mom and take his phone away for a week. Can't be doing this shit. Just put the fucking phone away, go about your business, and do exactly what Jalen does. Keep the main thing the main thing. Jonathan Gannon is gone. Why waste even the 10 seconds it took to type the tweet out on him? And if anything, CJ Gardner-Johnson should probably be thanking Jonathan Gannon. Best year of his career so far was under Gannon's scheme.