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A Perfect Summary Of Louisville Basketball: The Frisbee-Catching Dog Stopped To Take A Shit On The Floor During The Halftime Show

This is it. This perfect dog summed up Louisville basketball better than any single human in the world. Just stopping to take a shit during his halftime routine. He doesn't want to be there watching bad basketball. The people there don't even want to watch Louisville. They probably had nothing better to do and already invested in tickets. Might as well show up to see if Louisville can move to 5-25.

I honestly can say I've never seen this. I've sat through all these halftime shows. We see halftime shows pop up on Twitter all the time. Never does the dog take a dump on the court. Only Louisville basketball this season. It wouldn't happen anywhere else. Okay, maybe Syracuse but that's just because Boeheim is still there. Wouldn't even happen at Georgetown, they've just accepted to suck. 

Shout out the dog. I'd never blame a dog. Everything is his toilet. My man was probably battling a couple extra treats and didn't get adequate time to shit outside the Yum Center. Took his chance and he executed it perfectly. Job well done.