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Mintz Needs To Be Thrown In Jail For Playing "The Dozen" From A Public Coffee Shop Vs Frank The Tank's Team AND NOT WEARING HEADPHONES


No spoilers ahead in this blog because I don't even know who won the fucking match. But I saw a new Mintzy sound dropped and had a nice chuckle like everyone else. But then I got to thinking...wait, that's right, Mintz did this last episode of The Dozen from a coffee shop. Which means...oh my god, no way, say it ain't so....IT IS TRUE.



That's right, ladies and gents. Ben Mintz went into a coffee shop in the middle of the day and played against FRANK THE TANK in a game of trivia, sans headphones. 

It's bad enough when people take phone calls in public places. It's bad enough when people play videos out loud in public places. This man really did both. He played a full on game of trivia against the world's loudest human being for all to hear. It's inexcusable, caveman behavior. Beyond that. Not only should he have been kicked out of the coffee shop, he should have been thrown in jail. Disturbing the peace. Reckless endangerment of others. Being an asshole. Pick your crime, or choose all 3, the man should have been handcuffed on the spot.

A little piece of me is beginning to wonder if it's at all possible Ben Mintz is this generation's Andy Kaufman. Everything is just too perfect that the phrase "you can't script it!" doesn't apply here, because it all just seems so impossible. But then when you think about it, something like the Omaha home run.



Mintz is like a Forrest Gump of Barstool. No joke- at the WSOP they run old episodes in the hallways, and you can randomly just spot Mintz in the background at any given time. It would not shock me if he is who Moneymaker beat in the PokerStars satellite to win his seat into the Main Event.

Or I guess if you can't be arrested, he should spend a day working there, serving coffee to the fine folks of Louisiana. Something. But this crime should not go unpunished.