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'Fuck Em' - The Simple Rallying Cry That Turned Marquette Into The Biggest Surprise In College Hoops And Big East Champs

I know I blogged about Marquette not too long ago, but I gotta do it again. Why? They won the Big East outright last night for the first time ever. The more and more I thought about it, the ridiculous it is that Marquette is even in this position. They lost a ton of talent from a year ago, a year they also overachieved. But what I forgot is that Tyler Kolek is the ultimate motherfucker. I say that as a compliment. It started a year ago when he was mocking West Virginia: 

Then it came time this year. Media day. That was the day I should have realized Marquette would be fine. That's where they got the simple rallying cry: 

So how the hell did we get here? Simple. Shaka Smart grew his hair out and decided to start dressing in a polo shirt from the campus store. That and he found the ability to coach he wanted again. I 100% understand why he went to Texas. But that was such a bad setup for him. Shaka doesn't thrive on 5-stars, which is what Texas wanted. Shaka needs guys who buy into Havoc and are around 3 years. 

Marquette also has a unique setup. They are young as shit this year. There's some NBA talent, but none that really jump out for this year. Every single person on the roster is basically a freshman or sophomore. If you can keep the core with OMax, Kam Jones and Kolek together for another year, maybe two, you're looking at a legit Final Four threat in the preseason. 

Speaking of which. We have an awesome prop bet over the Sportsbook. Over/Under seed lines. 

There's no way Marquette should be anything other than a 3. Good wins all year. No real bad losses. That's a damn good team. Fuck em. 

PS: At least they got to celebrate with some milkshakes