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After Tonight's Blow Out Loss To Georgia Tech It's Never Been More Obvious That Syracuse Must Tell Jim Boeheim To Go Away

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Just when you think Jim Boeheim couldn't possibly look worse out there he one ups himself. Syracuse didn't just lose at home tonight. They let 12-17 Georgia Tech waltz in and run them off their own floor. The 2-3 zone? Completely shredded. 96 points on 17 3s. An absolute annihilation at home. It's the third straight game Syracuse has allowed 90+ points. They've given up 61 3s in their last 4 games. They're an embarrassment. This was Jim's take. 

Incredible assumption. 

Here's a quick analysis from Brent Axe, a Syracuse writer who was in the building for the thrashing. 

What's funny is late in the game, with the outcome well in hand, that's when Boeheim decided to try out some man to man. Took all that for the light bulb to go off. This comes just a week after he laughed at the idea to the question the zone. And it's not all just the zone. It's the roster, it's the recruiting, it's the coaching, it's everything Jim Boeheim has his hands on. Yes he built this program from nothing, but he's also stayed long enough to watch it all fall apart. Don't tell me they owe it to this guy to let him go on his own terms. Not when this is the product you throw out there. On Saturday they're gonna honor the 2003 team I believe. That feels like the perfect way to send the old man out. 

Please, go away Jim. We're all begging you. AD John Wildhack please grow some balls and make a change. 

P.S. Hey at least they scored 70 points and everyone gets Tacos. Hell yeah. Way to go boys!