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This Is What Rangers Fans Get To Look Forward To

When I close my eyes and think of Kane-Panarin, it's this shift. They're two soulmates with genius IQs playing a game that only they know. Every once in a while they let a teammate touch the puck before looking again for each other. It's honestly unlike anything I have witnessed in sports. Two guys who could barely speak to one another because of a language barrier, but didn't need to because they have hockey telepathy. 

I have been in denial about this whole thing and lashing out at Rangers fans, but I am glad we get to see more of this. 

I am glad the Hawks brass did what they could to do right by Kane. If he wants to chase down a Cup closer to his family and with his soulmate then so be it. He's earned that and I will enjoy watching it even if it hurts deep down. 

I will have a long form blog about the rebuild and another one about Patrick Kane in the coming days. For now, just enjoy the memories and hope for the best on lottery day.