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VIOLENCE: NC State Player Attempted To Seriously Injure Duke's Tyrese Proctor On The Court

Every team tries to hurt Duke and it is so sad. All he was trying to do was defend and make sure his defense was ready to go. This ass wipe started getting physical and nearly killed him on the court. Disgusting, vicious acts of violence have no place in the game. Thankfully the NC State player was given a technical foul so the refs saw it just like me. Thankfully, through the grace of God, Proctor was not seriously hurt on the play.

This makes me scared for Duke because where will it end? Opposing coaches are just like Will Ferrel in "Kicking and Screaming", trying to get their players break everyone's clavicle. I love being a Duke fan because our team never does anything wrong and are always provoked. When the Blue Devils are cutting down the nets this year you will see what I mean.