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'Ain't No Curfew' - Mike Brey's Plan After His Final Home Game At Notre Dame Is Simple ... Get Drunk As Hell

I love this move by Mike Brey. I've been to Notre Dame once which means I've been to Linebackers once. Great bar. Didn't know they served food there, so don't even bother with that Mike. Your plan today is simple. Go to walk-thru, do the media tour at least try to cover against Pitt and then go get bombed. You know the bar is planning on staying open as late as they can too. It's Mike Brey. He's going to shut that place down ... and more importantly pay to do so. 

I still can't believe Brey is leaving Notre Dame. Don't get me wrong, I understand it. It was time. Notre Dame has been whatever for far too long. Well aware they won a Tournament game last year, but this season they are truly one of the biggest let downs in the country. 

I'm no Notre Dame fan, but I know what I'm cheering for here. Beating Notre Dame and the players carrying him on their shoulders to the bar like Rudy. Gotta go crazy for that 3rd ACC win this season. Go shut down the bar. There's nothing like turning the clock back thinking you're still in your prime. More importantly than tonight, good luck tomorrow Mike.