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RNR20 Ring Girl Contest TONIGHT Will Be Hosted By Large & Jerry Fragrance, With A NEW Format Too

Am I allowed to refer to myself in the 3rd person? You're goddamn right I am bitch. Speaking of which the rumors are true, I will be hosting (doing commentary) for the RNR20 Ring Girl contest with Jerry Fragrance himself TONIGHT. We had our dry run back at RNR19 and it went so well that we've been asked back for more debauchery. And thanks to JF we've got a brand new format to debut as well. 

In the past we've decided ring girl contests by crowd noise which was great for awhile, until we put it at the very end of the event where West Virginians can barely speak let alone stand. So we're gonna make it a little easier for the fine folks of Charleston, WV. We're gonna do a combo of crowd noise to filter down the field in Round 1 and then Round 2 is gonna become a motherfucking dunk contest with the girls performing to our commentary table alone, and we'll  be using scorecards 1-10 to get a cumulative score. Credit to the big brain & balls of Jerry Fragrance for coming up with that idea, it's gonna be GREAT. 

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And that magic is all coming after our 20 fights + 3 title belt brawls + whatever other chaos lands our way in the Charleston Coliseum. There are some real barn burner matchups on this RNR20 card and 100% will be the most entertaining night of "boxing" so far in 2023. You can check out REF N' ROBBIE episode 3 Thursday night at 8 PM (after I host the Four Loko Weigh-In at 7 pm) for a fight card breakdown plus Big Cat giving his predictions on how his National Anthem will go. Watch the PPV on and check out to see the entire ring girl field. Get involved you fucks.