The Orioles And Pirates Wanted To Play The Bottom Of The 9th After The Game Was Officially Over But Umpires Didn't.....So They Left And The Game Went On Without Umpires

You'll only see stuff like this in Spring Training. The Pirates beat the Orioles today but they wanted to keep on playing the bottom half of the 9th. Seems reasonable, managers want to get their guys some action, some more pitches, at-bats, not too big of a deal. 

Well the umpires decided they didn't want to stick around for it. The game was over in the top of the 9th so they said they were out and walked off the field. Orioles manager Brandon Hyde and Pirates manager Derek Shelton decided to keep their guys out there and let the catcher call balls and strikes. Just like the good ole days on the playground. No umps, just vibes.

So Maverick Handley was back there calling strikes and balls and the Pirates booth was trying to play ump too. Again, only in Spring Training do we get a funny visual of only players on the field. 

Listen, just because the umpires didn't want to stick around and do their job that doesn't mean the boys shouldn't be able to get their reps in. These are guys trying to make the team, let them get some reps in a game. I'd understand if it was 100 degrees or something, but these umps just dipped out. Maybe they had a dinner reservation?

I'm not sure but it's a funny scene watching the umpires walk off the field and the players still warming up. You see something new in baseball every single day. 

And DON'T make any jokes about the umpires leaving because it's the Pirates and Orioles. You can't make those jokes anymore because the Orioles are good.