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The Only Acceptable Way To Freak Out At An Airport Is To Scream The Lyrics Of "I'm Not Afraid" By Eminem At The Top Of Your Lungs

I'm no stranger to airport freak outs because any sort of confrontation from the time you check-in until you make it to baggage claim moves units (pageviews) here at Barstool Sports.

Which is why I applaud this man for putting on a clinic on how to lose your marbles inside of an airport. No punches thrown, luggage slammed, or computers being trashed. Just an American belting out Eminem from the bottom of his red, white, and blue heart. Sure there are plenty of other songs in Marshall Mathers' catalog that were bigger hits or filled with more rage. But screaming about being the real Slim Shady isn't going to get your point across while yelling the lyrics of "Kim" in a viral video will get you arrested, potentially cancelled, maybe fired, and a whole bunch of other negative words that end in "ed".

Instead this guy let it be known that he was not afraid to take a stand as long as everybody grabbed his hand. He also let it be known that he was not a creep as well as a patriot thanks to those wonderful "Creep" and "Amazing Grace" renditions that were as glorious as they were short. It's too bad that this video hit the internet today, because I feel like someone would've drafted people screaming Eminem lyrics as one of the best parts of flying on the Dog Walk Airplane Travel Draft.

I know some haters will say that shouting a 13 year old song to make your point is an absurd move. But I think we can all agree that willfully smashing your own sunglasses in an airport is about as much an Alpha move that lets everyone else know you don't give a flying fuck about nothing as one man can state. Once I saw this guy do that, I knew he meant business because actions speak louder than words, even ones sung with ferocity by Eminem.

Don't believe me? Well then explain how he gained a new follower to his cause after only two minutes of airport karaoke.

Finally I feel obligated to include the original music video at the end of the blog, which has chalked up a cool 1.7 BILLION views, proving that Marshall Mathers still gets the people going, whether it's on the internet or at Gate D12 of whatever airport this video was filmed at.