Portnoy, Big Cat, Frankettes, & More In Action For Busy Trivia Week || (The Dozen: Week 20 Preview & Rankings)

Week 20 of the Dozen is here. We got three teams ranked in the Bottom 5 (Chicago, Flux, Misfits), trying to take down three Top 4 teams (Ziti, Frankettes, Yak). The All-Star Game and Tournament are no longer far away. Some teams only have two to three more games left this season. Winning means more every week. Our correspondent Scoops L'Aguirre has the breakdown…



  • The Big Screamin’ Honkers record-setting/tying win over the Baddies catapults them to the #7 seed. After falling as low as #20 on the rankings, the Honkers are approaching Crown contention as they were in their glory days. Robbie Fox is the front-runner for GM of the year.   

  • The Baddies fell to #8 after their loss; however, it must be noted they scored 11 points even after losing the Bonus Round. They are still the highest-scoring team in the league.   

  • Frank & Frankettes don’t move down the rankings despite losing to The Experts.   

  • Team Minihane slides up to #5 following their win over urMom.   

  • UrMom went up the rankings following their loss as they had a solid showing, and when you look at their schedule, the three teams who have beaten them are all in the Top 8.

Now onto the Week 20 preview…


(2) Frank & the Frankettes
- 5-2-0 Record  
- 13.57 Points Per Game 
- 2.43 Steals Per Game 
- 86% Niche Success Rate  
-- KB: 6.17 PPG 
-- Nick: 6.10 PPG 
-- Frank: 4.45 PPG  

Frankettes Category Advantages: NFL, Geography, Music 

(17) FLUX
- 2-3-0 Record  
- 10.00 Points Per Game 
- 1.80 Steals Per Game 
- 40% Niche Success Rate  
-- Chris: 6.40 PPG 
-- Mintzy: 4.28 PPG 
-- Joey: 3.87 PPG 

FLUX Category Advantages: Movies, College Football, Snacks & Candy 

The Frankettes are back again after their failed attempt at the Crown. They are looking to bounce back and crush Flux, facing Mintzy for the first time since his last year’s tournament blunder.   

After some communication struggles in their first two games, Flux will be shaking things up, where Joey Camasta will now be their Final-Answer-Person. It is a make-or-break game for Flux; a win would exponentially increase their chances of making the tournament, and a loss would put them behind the 8-ball.


(3) Ziti
- 4-3-0 Record  
- 13.71 Points Per Game 
- 2.14 Steals Per Game 
- 57% Niche Success Rate  
-- Eddie: 7.45 PPG 
-- Clem: 6.81 PPG 
-- Dave: 4.45 PPG 

Ziti Category Advantages: Chain Restaurants, MLB, NBA 

(16) Chicago
- 1-3-0 Record  
- 10.00 Points Per Game 
- 1.75 Steals Per Game 
- 20% Niche Success Rate 
-- Chief: 5.56 PPG 
-- Carl: 4.83 PPG 
-- WSD: 3.83 PPG 

Chicago Category Advantages: College Football, History, NFL 

Ziti’s first-ever win on The Dozen was against Chicago. When Ziti was at its lowest, a win over Chicago gave them life. Since then, these two teams have had many ups and downs. While Chicago held the Crown for most of the last season, they have lost five of their last six games dating back to the Chicago Live Show. Meanwhile, Ziti has been a wagon over the last fifteen months, averaging over 13 ppg, led in scoring by Eddie and Clem, each putting up All-Star seasons.   


A win over Ziti would breathe life into Chicago, who has hit a point where it is not a certainty that they will qualify for the tournament even with their fan vote. The tables have turned quite a bit.


(4) The Yak
- 4-0-1 Record  
- 12.60 Points Per Game 
- 1.80 Steals Per Game 
- 80% Niche Success Rate  
-- Rone: 6.03 PPG 
-- Cheah: 5.83 PPG 
-- Big Cat: 5.56 PPG 

Yak Category Advantages: NFL, College Football, NBA 

(18) The Misfits
- 1-3-0 Record  
- 11.00 Points Per Game 
- 1.25 Steals Per Game 
- 75% Niche Success Rate  
-- Keegs: 6.00 PPG 
-- RDT: 4.58 PPG 
-- Dante: 3.00 PPG 

Misfits Category Advantages: Celebrity Mashup, Music, Television 

The Yak plays their first game following the Rone scandal in Arizona where they lost the Crown after a second OT against The Experts. It feels like a trap game for them going against the #18 ranked Misfits. While 1-3-0, the Misfits are a team who consistently give some of the best team's trouble as they dominate the Pop Culture categories.  

If The Yak gets silly and takes them for granted, we could see a big upset.


  • Kirk gets another Offensive Player of the Week after finally taking hold of the league-leading scoring title. He is hellbent on winning a third straight MVP.   

  • Robbie Fox earns Defensive Player of the Week after picking up 3 Steals in a 9.67-point performance. With the All-Star Game approaching, Robbie currently ranks Top 15 in scoring; he should be getting lots of votes.   

  • Rookie of the Week goes to Klemmer after scoring 10.67 points, which is more than he scored in his first three games combined.   

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