You Can't Help But Feel Awful For Gavin Lux After Seeing Him Get Emotional While Talking About His Torn ACL

Man, that was rough. For the past few seasons Gavin Lux was talked about as the next "guy" for the Dodgers. He was going to be the man at short, a former top prospect he has all the talent in the world and many said this would be his breakout season. That was until he tore his ACL trying to avoid a tag in a Spring Training game. 

It was a nasty looking injury and you knew right away it was bad. Couldn't put any weight on it and he was carted off the field. The replay is pretty nasty, again you knew this wasn't good the second it happened. Lux said he got his cleats caught in the dirt and the knee just bent a way it shouldn't have. He mentioned to reporters that he should have just taken the ball to the nose and kept it moving instead of planting and getting out of the way. 

It sucks though, Lux's year is over before it even started and he'll be forced to rehab and watch from afar. You work your ass off, train for hours and hours and a freak accident takes you out before you can even sniff real game action, such a bummer.