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Thoughts and Prayers To This Mom Who Spends 4 Hours A Day Doing Laundry For Her 12 Kids

Dailymail - Laundry for one can be a chore but a mom-of-12 has revealed what a headache it can be when you've got such a large brood to wash clothes for.  

Alicia Dougherty, from Pittsford, New York, has four children of her own and eight adoptees, and regularly posts about her life behind-the-scenes.

In one of her more recent videos she addresses the subject of laundry. 

The time-lapse TikTok clip, which has been viewed more than 420,000 times, shows the 42-year-old mom 'sorting laundry for my family of 14' - a job which took her about four hours to complete.

As the 29-second clip progresses, Alicia gradually starts disappearing as piles of clothing build up around her. 

I have so many questions here. 

First off, at what point is enough, enough? 12 kids? In 2023? Are you billionaires or something Alicia?

Secondly, and I blogged about this a week or two ago but can't remember where, but back in the day people had kids out of necessity. The mortality rate was pretty fucking high, so you played the percentages, had 10 kids, and hoped 6 made it. You needed that many kids because they were free labor and you couldn't work your land or mill or whatever the hell you did on your own. And paying people, as in capable adults, cut into your bottom line. So saddling up little Joey and Sally next to the cotton gin where the risk was high of them losing a digit or limb was commonplace. It's ok, they had 10 and 2 of them.

All that said, where the fuck are Alicia's 12 kids at? How are they getting out of laundry duty? Especially when it takes 4 hours? 

Is this legit because I'm beginning to think this is a stunt for tiktok. There's no way a mom with a brain would allow her 12 kids to away with whatever it is they're doing while she rolls socks and folds underwear for the entire Godfather Part 1

Also, what happened to wearing stuff more than once? Was that something that went away with the times? Am I old, or a scrub, for thinking back in the day if something didn't smell bad or have something on it I could wear it again? 

If this is my household I'm 100% enforcing that rule.

I mean look at this shit.