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People Complaining About Kids Crying On A Plane Are A Million Times More Annoying Than The Kid

Here I was listening to the weekly Dog Walk when Dave made a complaint I knew was coming. Everyone who is a parent knew this would be drafted by someone. The crying kid on an airplane. Now I like Dave. Good guy, better guy to get drinks with. 

Dave needs to be an adult because the person complaining about the crying kid is a million times more annoying.


There's a simple solution, so much so Chief brought it up. Just put your headphones in. It's 2023, they have these unique things called noise cancelling headphones. Also guess what? It's an airplane. Everything about airline travel sucks. Everyone thinks they are entitled to shit when really we're all just cramped in like cattle and trying to get from Point A to Point B.

You think we want our kid to cry? No. But do you think I also want to see the guy in 12A throwing up because he can't handle a takeoff or some turbulence? Grow up. Treat it like everything else. Sit down, put your headphones in, get a drink and shut up. It's that simple, because everyone is annoying as hell on a plane. The people who rush up the aisle. The person who reclines their seat. The person complaining. The crying. Every single thing sucks about it but unless you're rich (we're not), you just deal with it. 

While the luggage theory is hilarious, even I can admit that, I'm not trying to wait at baggage claim. That's another thing that sucks. Wasted time just waiting for your bag to come out as people line up in front of you. Trust me, we don't want our kid to cry, but sometimes they do. We feel worse than you do annoyed. Shit parents are more annoyed when their kid cries than the guy 6 rows up. Now this doesn't count if the parents are doing nothing. But if they are shoving toys, bottles, food, carrying them around, etc, my point stands. 

Oh and spare me the 'don't travel with kids until they are older.' Yeah that's a normal thing to say. Just don't go on trips, deal with emergencies or anything else that you have to bring kids with you on. Long story short - everyone traveling on the plane sucks. But complaining about a crying kid makes you more annoying. 

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