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How Many Haymakers Will CHERRY BOMB Throw Against VICKY D This Friday Night?

WHO YA GOT ON FRIDAY NIGHT? The Women's Title Belt will be on the line and after taking a few events off, CHERRY BOMB seems primed to explode at RNR20. She very well could be the greatest champion Rough N' Rowdy has ever seen and certainly the best female fighter to step in our ring so far. COUNTRY GIRL STRONG…

But not far behind her in the nonstop haymaker rankings is VICKY D out of New England. She first debuted at RNR10 and returned to deliver another beatdown at RNR19, which earned her a collision course with the Women's Champion this Friday night. Can her extra inch give her a reach advantage like HOT WHEELZ seemed to have?

The only way to find out is watching on this Friday, this matchup is GUARANTEED to be a goddamn slobberknocker. 2 badass chicks with no regard for their bone structure just emptying the tank and laying it all on the line. That's what Rough N' Rowdy is all about and this main event should leave people speechless in Charleston, WV. 

And to answer that question from the title, ROUGHLY INFINITE. See you Friday night. 

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