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China Has Invented A Silicone Device To Simulate Kissing That Attaches To Your Phone

DJ, play that shit

(Source, ABC7)-- 

A new device out of China allows couples to share a kiss with "real" physical intimacy from anywhere in the world.

The device, which attaches to your phone, is equipped with a silicone mold of a person's lips that has sensors and actuators to mimic an actual kiss from your loved one.

The kissing device can also transmit the sounds made by the user's partner on the other end.

The device's creator said the inspiration for the invention was his own long-distance relationship.

The kissing device can be purchased for $40.

China coming in hot with an invention that could help spread their viral invention from 2019. This is how you know China is behind the times. Nobody wants to kiss fake silicone lips that move all creepily. Who wants to kiss rubber lips from someone long distance in 2023? Absolutely nobody, that's who. Kissing is gross. Nobody gets excited about kissing. It's an obligation, not a destination. Certainly not something that you need for a long distance relationship when any iphone can shoot a feature length porn in 4k. That is how you keep things spiced up in 2023. If China can come up with an Ex Machina VR Natalie Portman looking silicone woman that'll show up at your door if you kiss her through the phone then call me. Until then I will be only kissing human women and even then I'll do that to fill the bucket in order to cash in on something bigger. Kissing is nothing but yankee dimes.