An Italian Mafia Boss Escaped From His "Escape Proof" High Security Prison By Using A Bedsheet Rope

NY Post- The escape of Marco Raduano, 40, from the Badu ’e Carros prison in Sardinia went unnoticed for two hours because the operations room at the facility was reportedly unmanned at the time and no one was watching security footage of the prison break.

Cameras captured the tracksuit-clad reputed boss of the Sacra Corona Unita Mafia clan in southern Italy scaling down a stone wall using the rope of bedsheets before jumping to the grass below and darting off.

Editor's Note: Shout out to this Mafia boss for pulling off such an impressive feat in a supposed escape proof prison. I suppose that type of ingenuity is how he made it to the top of the cork board for the local police station that broke down his crime family. While other prisoners would try to make a run for it or dig their way out, Don Raduno went back to the classics and escaped prison like your favorite cartoon character did once upon a time. 

To be honest, I figured prisons stopped making bedsheets strong enough to allow them to support the weight of a human when tied together since this became such a trope in movies and TV shows. I'm talking about sheets with thread counts in the double digits. I guess you learn something new everyday, unless you are Marco Raduano, who figured this out so he could be free as a bird.


Anyway, here's Nadu breaking down the nitty gritty of everything like he does on his crime history podcast: The Sit Down.

Budget cuts are likely the reason for the escape. They had 50 guards for almost 200 inmates. The truth is they just didn't have enough guards watching over him and he supposedly used a job he had so he knew when CO's weren't around and studied layouts of the prison. 

Marco Raduano is a boss of a clan In Vieste, a coastal town in Foggia in the notorious Sacra Corona Unita. The SCU is an off shoot of the notorious Camorra from Naples and was formed in the Southern region of Apulia. They are said to be deeply rooted in Catholicism and most of their virtues and rules come from the Bible. They have three levels of member and Raduano was a "Società Segreta", a top level boss or decision maker. While it is the weakest of the major four Mafia's in Italy, they are still very vicious and the strong ties they have with the Camorra is very helpful and they make a lot of money and control a very strong piece of Italy. The SCU is known to blast a victims skull so the family cannot put on a proper burial. One of their big money makers is smuggling cigarettes through their ties with the Albanian Mafia. They also control extortion in the areas they control as well as deep ties in drug trafficking. 

Raduano was doing 19 years for cocaine trafficking and was actually facing murder charges in the killing of a man in 2017 when he escaped. What makes his escape so crazy is that he was under a very rigorous prison method in Italy they give high level mafia member called 41-bis. 41 bis or "carcere duro" (hard prison regime) essentially cuts the prisoner off from contact with anyone else. They have limited or no privileges and visits are prohibited. In this country it is known as segregation or seg. For the powers that be, he is now in the wind and it's going to be a very difficult undertaking in ever finding him again. These guys are deeply rooted in their communities and protected. But for the rest of his life he will be on the run. My guess is he hightails it to Albania or Montenegro, maybe Bulgaria. As I said these families have strong ties in the Balkans and that's a place he can go until things cool down. He's in for a long life free of the good things he had hoped for as the boss of a clan. But it's better than living in maximum security.