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I Can't Get Enough Of Kevin Burkhardt's New Jersey Accent Before He Hit It Big

My brother sent this to me on an Instagram. I didn't know existed and I've watched it 10-15 times since. For reference, Kevin Burkhardt was a long time "sideline reporter" (is that the right term?) for the New York Mets. Goes to show you how great the Mets broadcast booth of Gary Keith and Ron is that Burkhardt couldn't crack into the booth on SNY yet a few years later he's the top guy at Fox. Anyone who doubts if the Mets have legit the best broadcast in all of sports , just remind yourself of that fact. 

Anyway, back to the video. Genuinely hysterical how much of a New Jersey accent Burkhardt has in this. He sounds like he's doing a Francesa impression. This had to be an audition tape, or a local NJ channel because that's the only place in the world people wouldn't mind. Burkhardt is a Bloomfield,NJ native so it's not his fault he has an accent but for some reason people loses their damn minds over people with accents on national tv or radio etc. I'll never understand that. Like we're supposed to fault people for where they come from ? Stupid. Either way, it's very clear as Burkhardt tried to get bigger broadcasting gigs they told him drop the accent. There's no doubt about it. It clearly paid off as he just did the Super Bowl, but here's to hoping that maybe on vacation, or if Burkhardt is back home in Bloomfield for the Summer and has a few vodka sodas in him and starts breaking out the pronunciations of  "Bawsttton Collig". 

Loved the video. Need more of people before they became famous.