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As A Former HATER Of The Rule Changes, MLB's Pitch Clock Rule Really Is Awesome

I fucking love baseball. I LOVE it. It's one of the few things I actually care about in my life. I think that should be apparent to those reading this who have seen me spew bullshit about the game on this site for the last 11 years.

That said, it needed a face life, and not just lipstick on a pig. A MAJOR face lift. 

And for the first time in a long time, I think MLB got something right in this pitch clock. 

Though many of us hate change, it's apparent through just a week or so of spring training games that this was a good move by MLB and the MLBPA. Take a look at these game times from over the weekend: 

That'll do!!! The ONLY thing that sucks about this is I won't be able to get as drunk at Sox Park for Sox games as I used to, and lord knows I'll need ALL the booze to get me through their games this summer. In the end, that's a small penance to make the game greater as a whole, however.  

If this pattern holds true throughout the regular season, we'll no longer have to sit through 4 and 1/2 hour long Tuesday night games that drag all the way to midnight... and that's if you're in the central time zone. 

Myself, Ed and Chief are tentatively going down to spring training in a few weeks. A few players we are most likely going to interview are Lucas Giolito, Dylan Cease and Lance Lynn. Prior to getting all of this info on how much the game has been sped up, I planned on telling them all to their faces that they need to work wwwwwaaaayyyyyy quicker. There is NO NEED for 10 mins to lapse between pitches. Get the ball, throw the ball, get the hitter out. 

It helps keep pitchers in rhythm too. Peace the FUCK out to shit like this:

All in all, this is a great thing. Attention spans are non-existent in the age of social media, so tightening up the game is a must in order to attract a newer, younger audience. Yes, there are 10,000 other things they need to act on on top of just speeding up the game, but this was a must and a fine start. 

And like I said, if they really wanna go balls out, just turn baseball games into events like they do in the Domican:

That'll get people out to the park in DROVES. No bullshit. Droves. Most electric atmosphere I've ever been at, and that includes all sports. Just incredible fun. 

I also have quickly grown to love the ban on shifting. That said, fire the ghost runner on 2nd rule into the fucking sun. Get rid of it. Stop it immediately. It sucks and it's not baseball. It's little league shit. But… if you're gonna have it, have it in the 12th inning and beyond or some shit. Not immediately in the 9th. 

Whatever though. Gimme pitchers that work fast as fuck like Max Scherzer: 

And gimme offense and gimme action. Hats off to MLB for doing ONE thing right. Gotta pump up the victories when they come, because they don't come often for this fucking sport.