The Electric MVSU Student Announcers Are Back, This Time Freestyling Through A Broadcast

There are average broadcasters. There are good broadcasters. There are great broadcasters. And then there's the most electric broadcast crew in the country, coming to us from Itta Benna, Mississippi.

Mississippi Valley State is 5-25 and still the most fun team to watch in America, thanks solely to the booth of Andre Williams and Caleb Brunson. You may recall the viral clip of these guys calling an altercation that led to the ejection of an MVSU cheerleader and now we have them freestyling in the booth. Every college basketball broadcaster in America should be on the phone with whatever network employs them making sure they still have a job.

Terry Collins, Terry Curry, Terry Curry ... FOR THREE! FOR THREE!

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If given the choice, I'm picking these guys over any other booth in the game 11 times out of 10. My only complaint is that Caleb is apparently graduating with a degree in biology, but his reel of clearly elite work should be enough to get him a broadcasting job wherever he wants. We can't have talent like this wasted on something as trivial as science.

These guys are the future. Get the Valley Sports Network a simulcast of the Final Four.